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Bullying and social media


The effects of bullying can be far reaching and profound. Whether we suffered abuse from bullies at school, from members of our own families, or from people in the workplace, we can explore this phenomenon and move forward, and we can learn strategies to mitigate bullying that we may be suffering now. This can help us understand ourselves, the bullies and move towards resolving patterns of abuse to make our lives's easier.


Social media

In this age of social media, murders are down but suicides are up, and the current number of people being bullied and committing suicide by becoming victims of bullying and abuse on line are rising steadily. Social media can be a positive tool to enhance our lives by making new friends and keeping in contact, however we can often find that that it is also a place where we can become more vulnerable to abuse at the hands of bullies than we do in actual reality. unfortunately the remote nature of social media and the open communication means that people often get bullied and abused more often, and more publically with the effect being potentially just as damaging as being bullied by someone in person. 

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